Tuesday, April 12, 2011

still facebooking!!!! think twice....

 ---just want to share this to reduce addicted facebookers. We never think this far when we are enjoying social networking for nothing, just to waste part of our lifetime. Open up your mind!!!! FACEBOOK is a drug. Don't get addicted.---

It is very obvious that the disadvantage of Facebook is the availability of your personal profile on the Internet for many people to see.  For example, in Sarah Schweitzer’s article “Universities Ponder Facebook Etiquette”, a student explains how word of what was on her Facebook profile reached her Grandmother who did not appreciate the content very much.  Of course, you have complete control over what the content of your profile is.  However, many people do not think about the type of information they make available and many times people will put too much information, leaving them quite vulnerable.  
                 In addition, to the control that you have over your content, the website is completely restricted to college students, which adds much needed security so that not every “Joe Somebody” can have access to everyone’s information.
The more important disadvantage of Facebook is the effect it has on the people that use it, especially the frequent users.  

In “The Death of Interaction”, Conor Boyland, a sophomore at UC Santa Barbara, explains both the best feature and the biggest drawback of Facebook; “online directories like Facebook make it possible to find out quite a lot about a person without ever speaking to them”.  This feature that Facebook provides lets people avoid the essential part of getting to know someone, talking to them. 

Because of this, and that fact that almost all users spend way too much time on the Facebook or just the computer in general, is why Facebook greatly affecting the frequent users social skills.

                   Social skills are very important in the world we live in.  Being able to hold conversations and relate to other people helps people not only in their business lives but also in their daily lives.  With the creation of, first, instant messenger and now Facebook, the young generation is beginning to become more dependent on these technologically based ways of communicating.   
Yes, Facebook makes it easier to meet people, which as everyone knows, is the most difficult part of starting a relationship, but these people using Facebook are becoming addicted and dependent upon this social network.  

                                                      Addiction at its worst...

These addicts are using Facebook as another excuse, upon the many, as a reason why they are constantly hunched over their computers. If these people continue to constantly use these social networks as their primary means of communicating, their social skills will slowly diminish and their daily lives will be drastically altered.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

= + - ika..(^_^,).. - = + *


              4 April 2011-7:47 am.i'm still breathing and here I am at home in Village 5K University technology of Petronas.All praises to the Almighty. Still wondering why I'm here? It's all begin when I entered Mara Junior Science College Tawau on 10 Feb 2010. Two years that I spend there is enough to allow me competing with others to get MARA scholarship. Eventhough, becoming one of the MARA scholar is not easy, but then my path is helped with my poor trial SPM result. Yes, my TRIAL SPM result is what brought me here. And of course, the owner of the result have a name, thats me, Norsyafiqah binti Salimun. Ika is my nickname. My life start when  I was born to see the world from the marriage of my dad, Salimun Surugau and my mom, Hanasiah Abdullah on 18 January 1993 at Hospital Ranau Sabah. After I spend 18 years of my life, this thing is what I hold...

"be positive all the time..there will always be a way..."

I am always feel great to be one of the Sabahan girl but I do not want to be typical Dusun girl. Thus I am here to prove that. Growing up in a small family of six siblings, I am the fifth daughter and I only have a brother. My family is whom make my life over the past 18 years more colorful than the rainbow. My childhood time are different from most of my peers. I have to plant on my own what I eat. Yes! I know how to plant paddy which become rice to enter my stomach.
               I put my trust that living in such small town is not about being away from modernization but it do teach me a lot of lesson on survival in life. I believe, those knowledge is vital when I have to travel away. Moreover I also taught to sell vegetables, taking care of our small shops but and the same time to excel in my study. When I was young, I have always thought that getting no.1 is the only thing I want to achieve until I realize, it is not my result that important but on the top rank should be my EFFORT.
             Being top student is no longer important but I started to appreciate the knowledge that I have and applying them throughout my life. 

''Studying is more than getting a good academic result, it is how we use the knowledge throughout our life"

              I love to do many things but my favorite habit is watching the stars glittering at the sky during night. My soul in sport will goes to volleyball and netball. I believe sport make us always healthy . Besides, I am talkative person. I love debating  and being Malay orator as I always proud of  Malay Language and never look down of it as it is my mother tongue language. 
                          I want to be a simple person even life will getting complex (if I am still have a long life) . And I know, now my journey is getting tough. It is a process in life of learning to be mature, yet another stage of journey that I hope would mould me to  become better person in this world and hereafter.